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Senior at kitchen sink

How to Stay in Your Home as Long as Possible

Most seniors would rather stay in their own homes than move to a nursing home. According to the AARP, 90 ...
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Seniors walking in woods

The Warning Signs of a Fall, and How to Prevent it

Stats on falls among seniors can be grim. According to facts about falls from the CDC: In 2018, older adults ...
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Home Exterior, Seniors sitting

Do You Live in a NORC (or Should You)?

Right now, it’s possible that more than twice as many seniors live in NORCs than in planned senior communities. Despite ...
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Caregiver and her client

Medicaid Limits and Pay for Caregivers

Despite high demand for caregivers, home health aides (HHAs) are still underpaid. Adjusted for inflation, their pay has only risen ...
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